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COVID-19: Almaty herd immunity stands at 56.5%

30 November 2021 15:10
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COVID-19: Almaty herd immunity stands at 56.5%

ALMATY. KAZINFORM «Today’s COVID-19 herd community in Almaty of 56.5% is insufficient,» deputy head of the sanitary and epidemiological control department of Almaty Assel Kalykova said.

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She stressed the need to get vaccinated against coronavirus. There are 132 vaccination sites around the city.

«The herd immunity hits 56.5% that is 48.4% of vaccinated and 8.1% of those who recovered from coronavirus. The share of coronavirus cases since the start of the vaccination campaign made 0.3% or 3,151 people,» she noted.

She resumed that vaccination and revaccination may help reduce spikes in coronavirus cases.

People aged 20-39 account for the main part of all coronavirus cases up to 27.9% , aged 40-59 account for 27.6%, people aged 60 and older account for 22.3%.

In a conclusion she urged all to avoid crowded places due to the emergence of the new Omicron strain.

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Zhanna Nurmaganbetova

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