Breeding cattle population rises in Kazakhstan
17 May 2022 11:29

Breeding cattle population rises in Kazakhstan

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM The share of breeding cattle in Kazakhstan grew from 7% to 13% to the total livestock numbers, Kazinform reports.

«Over the past years the country’s cattle breeding genetic potential increased thanks to the state support measures,» the Kazakh Agriculture Minister, Yerbol Karashukeyev, told the Government meeting.

The Minister highlighted the number of stock-breeding farm households rose from 6,000 to 30,000 in 2021.

As earlier reported, the cattle breeding of Kazakhstan is characterized at large as a relatively stable developing branch of the country’s agriculture proven by sustainable cattle and poultry population growth rates, improvement of their quality indicators, and expansion of animal products production.

The Minister stressed for the past three years Kazakhstan reduced poultry import dependency from 51% to 35%.

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